Spring Board International Preschool Got Placed in Times Preschool Rankings 2017

Times of India (Hyderabad) preschool rankings are published for the year 2017 and Spring International Preprimary School is ranked as one of the top international preschools in Hyderabad. The leading publication has gone through all the preschools on their curriculum, success rate, academic resources, student activity, faculty resources, grade output, and on the financial status of the school. And also preschools are all ranked after surveying a sizeable population of parents on the following parameters of education excellence including teacher competence, safety and hygiene, innovative teaching, value for money, parental involvement, individual attention to students, and infrastructure.Spring Board International PreschoolTimes has announced these rankings in zone wise. Spring Board International Preschool in Miyapur comes under Hyderabad West zone and Spring Board International Preschool in HMT Nagar is located in East zone. Both franchises are graded as the top international preschools and in safety and hygiene measures Miyapur branch is amongst the top. Look for a Spring Board International Preschool that will make your child’s safety a priority. They teach your children the importance of hygiene and how to tidy up after themselves, as well as respect for themselves and their elders.Times Preschool Rankings 2017Looking at preschool rankings will also give you valuable information on how well these schools are performing in core academics. Every year there is a list published containing the names of the top preschools. There is a lot of hype attached to the ranking. On the whole, Spring International Preprimary School is rated as the best and top international preschool in Hyderabad. They provide academic excellence, have a good faculty, superb infrastructure and offer good safety and hygiene practices.

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