International School in Nagole makes Children Hunger to Learn More

Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

– Oscar Wilde

It is very important to realize the importance of early childhood education. Actually, a child starts learning at home. But they learn by examples in international schools. It can be up to international schools to step in and make sure that early childhood education is covered. Springboard Academy, an international school in Nagole, is not just a babysitting service it is a place where children can learn and grow a range of experiences that help them develop mentally and emotionally. We focus on each child’s needs and pay extra attention to show the child how to catch up. We make your child love to read and hunger to learn more.International School in NagoleNagole international school -for an Entertainment Environment

Make sure there are not too many children to teach with one teacher in international schools being overloaded. This is quite common in such schools, which are real homes away from home. Sometimes children are eager to spend more time there than at home because of the entertainment environment. As the children are the future of India, Nagole international school aims at benefiting them from birth to the age of twelve years to improve the health, safety and early learning. With the growing number of dual-income families, Springboard Academy is established to ensure that the children future is bright, happy and healthy.

Springboard Academy makes the Child a Responsible Citizen

International school in Nagole plays a significant role in shaping the child’s future. When children are handed over the teachers at kindergarten, teachers nourish and bestow them with love and good habits. On the other hand, parents are also responsible for the development of the child. Right from the bedtime stories to the good habits they play a key role in shaping a child a responsible citizen. At Springboard Academy Nagole our learning process that leads to the mental and psychological growth of a child. Apart from the academics, your child learns various things like sharing, teamwork, table manners, unity, etc.

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